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Thank you for choosing SwingTimeCatering to cater your event. If you would like to see something other than the items listed on these menus please feel free to contact our Chef Antonette Wood. She will be happy to create a menu tailored to your needs.

Delivery Charge for drop off: $20-$40 depending on location.

Does not include set up.
Everything delivered in disposable containers
Disposable Plates, Cups, Utensils, Napkins included
Serving Utensils not included

Delivery Charge includes set up and pick up at location: $40-$80 depending on location.

Everything Delivered in Ceramic, Glass or Metal Serving Dish; Disposable Plates, Cups, Glasses, Utensils, Napkins included.

Service Charges are $35.00 per hour per server. Minimum of four hours.
We will calculate hours and servers needed based on your event and your menu.



Breakfast 12 per item
Appetizer Platters I
Appetizer Platters II
Appetizer Platters III
Entree Salads (12 or more)
Sandwiches (12 or more)
DINNER: (6 or more) Salads
DINNER: (6 or more) Entrées
DINNER: (6 or more) Side Dishes
Desserts (12 or more)
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